School Grounds & Oval Mowing
for Adelaide & Wider Regional Areas of South Australia


Mower Mate has specialised rear discharge mowers to mow School ovals and parklands across Adelaide. We currently mow several ovals in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide. The objective of rear discharge mowers is to prevent debris being discharged to the side where it will either injure people or damage property, we can mow with safety in mind.

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We currently do work for the following schools:

  • Prescott primary school
  • Salisbury north primary school
  • Bowden Brompton primary school
  • Parafield gardens primary¬†
  • Lake Windermere school
  • Salisbury primary school
  • The Pines school
  • St Mary Magdelaines School
Mower Mate SA commercial lawn mowing Adelaide
Mower Mate SA commercial mower
Mower Mate SA school ground lawnmowing Adelaide

Trusted Partners

Below are just some of the businesses, councils, schools, and industries we work with in Adelaide.